[4hb] Week 14: Rest

I’m currently on day three of a mandated rest. I miss running. I miss lifting. But more than that, I miss not being ouchie.

I got bored of the C25K program. Running for more than 14 minutes without a walk break is too daunting. I just don’t want to do it anymore. So last week, I decided to change my program. I have been running anywhere between 4.0 mph and 4.5 mph depending on equipment and time of day. That’s barely classified as a run to most people. I set a personal goal of a 10-minute mile (4.0 is about 16-minute mile). But first I needed to be able to run a full mile without walks. So Monday, I hit the treadmill at 5.0 mph and ran as long as I could–five minutes in total. I ran another five minutes prior to lifting Tuesday and Thursday also. Wednesday, I ran five minutes, walked a few minutes, then ran another three minutes. This week will be about going in six minute increments. Next week will be seven and so on until I can hit a full mile (roughly 12 minutes at 5.0 mph). Once I hit a mile, I will up my speed again and go for five minutes, then six, and so on until I hit my 10-minute mile goal. That might take months at that pace, but whatever. I’m having fun.

Saturday I got together with one of my besties (the other had to stay home) for our Zumba class. Wanting to get my run in first, I hopped to the gym early, knocked it out, then jumped on an elliptical machine with her to “warm up” for 15 minutes or so before the class.

I hadn’t been on an elliptical machine since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Eek!

I took it easy, once I figured out how to turn the machine on LOL. Slow and steady. I really felt it in the tops of my thighs, where I hoped to feel more action in my butt and the backs of my legs. After that, on to Zumba which totally rocked! I love that they use the same choreography for songs and then mix them up so I can pretend like I can keep up with the class.

Saturday involved a lot of partying in honor of my birthday. Glow sticks + hot tub + drunk people = Awesome. Glow poi + drunk people = also awesome. Parties usually mean a lot of running around for me: making food, greeting friends, participating in chats, making drinks (making trips with drinks), punting drink shaker tops, not slip-n-sliding out of the hot tub while inebriated. All these things take physical effort, let me tell you.

By Sunday, my legs felt like gummy worms. I took the day off from lifting. Monday I still felt tender and since I hadn’t been making any noticeable progress on my new running program, I decided an extra rest day was needed. Today I’m supposed to lift, but I think I’m going to pass again. Wednesday I’ll start my day with a run outside and see how things go.

I felt a bit guilty about it until I got on the scale this morning. I’ve lost 5 pounds in the last week so far. Wee! I’m hoping this trend continues!

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